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  • Serene Collection is produced by digital printing method on 100% polyester fabric. Dimensions on the selection box are standard sizes.

    We have custom made option in Serene Collection

    Rug width can be maximum 175 cm, any size can be made in length.

    You can contact us at for design options such as different sizes, color changes and adding names.

    Little Bear Milky Brown&Blue&White


      The surface of Serene rug is produced by digital printing method on 100% polyester fabric.

      The total thickness of Serene rug is 10 mm and the back is covered with non slip faux leather. It is filled with 6mm sponge between the back and front fabrics.

      It is easy to clean, soft, anti-allergic and antibacterial. The sizes we offer are standard sizes. You may contact us at for different size and color options and different pompom color requests.


      There are no returns or exchanges on products made to order, unless there is a manufacturing defect. In the return of the products sewn with pompoms, the pompom fee is not refunded as the pompoms cannot be reused. For detailed information, you can review our Return Procedure page.


      The production time of custom made Serene polyester rugs is 15-20 days. Shipping fee belongs to the buyer.




      · After you open the rug, air it out in a different room for a day. Because of your rug is waiting in the package during storage and delivery period, a slight moisture or odor may occur. In addition, the floor traces that occur due to the fact that it comes as a roll in the package will disappear during this period and your rug will sit on the floor.

      · Our rugs do not shed and do not cause allergies. You may do daily cleaning by sweeping it in the direction of the pile with a vacuum cleaner. You can wipe it in the direction of the pile with a rug shampoo that does not contain any kind of bleach. Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your rug and prevents permanent dirt.

      · In general, rug washing is not recommended as it will reduce the life of the product.

      · In cases where washing is absolutely necessary; Its small dimensions can be washed in the machine at 30 degree a delicate program and at low speed, without spinning (maximum 100x150 in 7 kg machine and 120x180 in 10 kg machine). The carpet should be placedin the washing machine without being folded too much and the upper surface out.

      · do not use drying machine to dry the rug. After washing, it can be rolled as the surface is out, the water can be drained, and then it can be dried by laying. It should not be folded when it is wet and during drying. Washed rugs are OUT OF THE WARRANTY -because the washing conditions are out of our control.

      · If washing is required in large dimensions ; You can communicate with professional and licensed rug washing companies. They should wash the rug without using bleaching products and without brushing the surface. The rug must be dried by laying and it must be rolled as the surface is out. Otherwise, breakage marks that may remain on the surface for a long time .

      · Rug base is non slip faux leather

      · Exposing your carpet directly to intense sunlight may cause its colors to fade.

      · It is best to treat stains immediately. You should clean the stain by pressing lightly with a white cotton fabric or paper towel. Rubbing can cause the stain to spread even more .Let the stain be absorbed with a paper towel, then intervene only with a wet cotton fabric, and finally wipe it with a soapy fabric without using bleach. Products containing chemicals and bleach may damage your rug. In more difficult cases, you can contact with licensed professional rug washing companies

      · Stains are not covered by the warranty. It is not possible to guarantee that every stain will be removed. This situation cannot be considered as production errors and cannot be claimed. Our company is not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of applications made outside of the recommended.

      · When you are not using your rug, you can store it in an upright position by wrapping it outside so that the upper surface is outside.

      Pompom usage details:

      · After a period of use, the pompoms will wear out like almost any product. Pompoms are delicate as they are hand made and used on the ground. If you wish, you can cut out the damaged pompoms.

      · First of all, thinking that your baby will start to crawl and play on the carpet after a while; we recommend checking the pompoms frequently and re-stitching the loose ones to secure them. Do not forget that babies try to get to know everything by put them in their mouths. During this period, you can remove the pompoms or lay a blanket on rug.

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