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  • Which material should I choose for carpets? Are the materials used suitable for health?
    If you prefer to use a natural material, you can choose our wool rugs. Wool is a living fiber, by nature it cannot be antibacterial and sheds for a while. The pile shedding decreases over time and disappears. Since there are many colors to choose from, you can choose the color you want and place a special order in the size you want. If you prefer to use a material that does not trigger allergies, you can choose our Polyester or Polyamide carpets. Our polyester carpets; It consists of a velvety soft polyester fabric surface, a sponge texture just below and a cotton woven fabric at the bottom. You can choose from unlimited color options in our Polyester carpets, which are produced with high printing technology, and you can order in special sizes. Our polyamide carpets; It is a chromojet print on a woven carpet. It is limited to products in stock and special production is not possible. Does not trigger allergies and does not shed No dyestuff containing harmful azo substances is used in any of our carpets. Based on the health of our children; All materials, dyestuffs and the workshops we work with are always carefully selected
  • Which of the Round, Square or Rectangular carpets should I choose?
    What kind of space is left in your room after placing the furniture? If there is an area that is close to a square, you can choose a round or square carpet. However, if there is a distinctly thin and long area, you should choose a rectangular carpet. If you use a round carpet in rectangular areas; Since the diameter of the carpet will be determined according to the short side, the open area will be very much. Do not forget that the floor where children will spend most of their time in the months when they will start playing will be on the carpet :) Therefore, do not choose a carpet that is too small, leave enough play space for it.
  • How can I determine what size carpet I should buy?
    After your furniture is placed in the nursery, you can measure the empty space in the middle in terms of width and height. Taking into account that your baby will play more on the floor as they grow, you can decide how much of this space you want your carpet to occupy. In general, leaving a minimum of 10-15 cm from all sides will frame your carpet and make it stand out. If you can't decide or visualize in this way, you can try different sizes of carpets in your home in your children's room, or you can lay a sheet on the floor and fold them around until you find the size you want. In this way, you can measure the width and height of the area you created with the help of a meter.
  • I couldn't find the size I was looking for on your site, what can I do? Can we change the design or color?
    Couldn't find the carpet size you're looking for on our website? Or dreaming of a different color? In our Polyester and Wool carpets; In addition to the measurements on our website, we can also make special production. You can send the size you need, our favorite carpet design to or send us a message on our @mayakidsroom instagram address.
  • How does the special carpet production process progress? What is the delivery time?
    If you could not find the carpet you are looking for on our site, we can design your dream carpet together. When you decide to order a special carpet, you can contact us at or by writing a message on our @mayakidsroom instagram account. After we clarify your order details, we send you our bank information, and when you make your payment, we put your order into the production schedule. Firstly ; Before going into production, we prepare your design and send it to you for approval. If you want a change in the design, we can make revisions for once only. We take your carpet into production as you have approved, and we ship it within 15-20 working days with our contracted cargo and against payment. Since the product will be produced specially for you, no refunds or exchanges are made, except for manufacturing faults. As it is a special production, there may be a difference of plus or minus 3% in the dimensions If you wish, you can make 50% of the amount on order confirmation and the rest before shipping
  • Can rugs be washed? Does it have a non-slip feature? How should I store it when I'm not using it?
    WOOL CARPET:First of all, for the cleaning of our wool carpets; You can first try a carpet shampoo that does not contain bleach, and if the cleaning material is suitable, you can wipe your entire carpet with it. If you want to wash; It can be washed in licensed carpet cleaners without using bleach and brushing the surface. Back of our wool carpets is cotton fabric. Due to the way our carpets are woven, they are of high weight and sit well on the ground and do not slip. However, if you wish, you can put the carpet on the back of non-slip materials. When you don't use your wool rugs, you can roll them with the surface inside and store them horizontally. Before rolling and storing, you should make sure that your carpet is not damp, etc., otherwise your carpet may be damaged. POLYAMIDE CARPET: For the cleaning of our Benji carpets; You can first try a carpet shampoo that does not contain bleach, and if the cleaning material is suitable, you can wipe your entire carpet with it. If washing is required in difficult situations, it can be washed in licensed carpet cleaners without using bleach and without brushing the surface. Since the back of the carpet is felt, you can use non-slip material under the carpet if necessary. When you do not use our polyamide carpets, you can roll them with the surface inside and store them horizontally. Before rolling and storing, you should make sure that your carpet is not damp, etc., otherwise your carpet may be damaged. POLYESTER CARPET : We also have Velvet Polyester carpets; You can wipe it with a bleach-free carpet shampoo or have it washed by professional and licensed washers without using bleach or brushing. The carpet, which is washed in the washer, must be dried by laying and it must be rolled so that its surface is outside. Otherwise, breakage marks that may remain on the surface for a long time may occur. (Do not wrap inside like classical carpets) Because the carpet has artificial leather on the back and a thick sponge layer is used inside, it is not suitable for washing in the washing machine. The bottom of the carpet is artificial leather, it does not slip on parquet or stone floors. Since the structure of our Serene Fine Polyester carpets is thinner, its small dimensions can be used in the washing machine; You can wash it on the delicate program, at max 30 degrees, without using bleach and without spinning. A maximum of 1.5 m2 of carpet can be washed in a 7 kg washing machine and a maximum of 2 m2 in a 9 kg washing machine. Your carpet should be washed in the machine by moving freely without any congestion. For this reason, you can have large sizes of carpets washed by professional cleaners, without brushing the surface and without using bleach. Our Serene carpets are not suitable for drying in the dryer. After washing, the carpet should not be folded or rolled, it should be dried by laying. When a short-term roll is required, the carpet should be rolled out so that the surface is outside. The back of our product is cotton fabric. With a non-slip finish applied to the back of the cotton fabric, your carpet will not slip on parquet or stone floors. You can contact us at for Istanbul European and Anatolian side carpet cleaning company recommendations. They are not our contracted and guaranteed companies, but we can recommend them because they have washed our products without any problems before. *The problems that may occur after washing are not the responsibility of our company. *Carpets that are damaged due to improper care are not covered by the warranty.For VELVET AND SERENE polyester carpets, it is not recommended to store them in rolls unless absolutely necessary. The sponge tissue inside may break if it is left folded or rolled for a long time. It should not be folded even when it is desired to be lifted for a short time, and the OUTSIDE winding should be done so that the surface is outside. Again, it is very important that your carpet does not remain damp or wet before rolling. If it will be stored horizontally, a weight should not be placed on it.
  • Is shipping chargeable?
    Shipping charges are reflected in your cart according to the product package size.
  • Is there a cash on delivery option?
    As the majority of our sales are made up of special orders, and we do not keep a lot of stock, we do not have to choose to pay at the door. If you wish, you can pay by credit card, you can choose cash or installment payment options. The maturity differences at the installment stage are independent of us and are the rates applied by the brokerage house Iyzico. Also, if you choose money order/EFT at the basket stage, you can access our bank account and send money to the account. In this payment option, your order will be processed after the payment is received
  • The lighting colors on your site do not match our room? What can I do?
    If the colors of our lighting on our site do not match your room, we may produce different colors for some of our models. If you want a different color special production, you can contact us at or DM us at @mayakidsroom instagram address. .
  • How are the lights? How many watt bulbs should I use and how can I clean it?
    A very thick outer surface is not used in our lightings. Especially in our ceiling lightings prepared with chiffon fabric; the light illuminates both from the bottom and from the side surface due to the permeability of the fabric In your room; You can use the LED lighting you want according to the lighting rate you want. With the help of adhesive paper rolls, you can remove dust from your lighting, if necessary, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.
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